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 You're Mine - KazuRono fic

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Mitsuko Souma
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PostSubject: You're Mine - KazuRono fic   Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:01 am

You're Mine

((Based on the Tumblr Rp))

Kazuhiko looked down at his feet, stepping on the concrete of the sidewalk as he walked to the spiky haired girl's house. Hirono. The girl who had single-handedly managed to utterly ruin his life. He started walking up the stairs of the front porch of her modestly sized house. It finally set in for Kazuhiko that this is real, no backing out now...

He laughed inside, to think this all started based on a one-sided attraction to him from Hirono. That attraction turned into a completely horrible relationship. It wasn't even really a relationship, was it? Relationships imply emotional investment on both parts, on Hirono's part is pure lust for Kazuhiko. And on Kazuhiko's part was pure hatred, but also fear of Hirono, though he would never admit it to anyone, Hirono absolutely terrified him. Her fierce persistence and frightening lust for him were two things that horrified Kazuhiko. She would use anything in her disposal to get him, and get him she did. She threatened the only thing that really mattered to him, Sakura. And now he's going to her house to have sex with her to save Sakura.

Kazuhiko was about to ring the doorbell, when the door flew open and a dainty, but surprisingly strong hand grabbed his wrist and dragged him inside, Kazuhiko meekly followed. Hirono was outfitted in a leather jacket, a plain white tee shirt, and very short shorts.The house seemed fairly average and nice, but it held a sinister aura. As if Hirono's living there had corrupted the place. Hirono dragged Kazuhiko down the hall with a satisfied smirk on her face. She finally opened a door and shoved him in.

The room had black walls, and black shades covering the windows, making it fairly dark, visible enough, though, from the small amount of light cutting through the shades. Her bed was pretty nice, a large queen-sized bed with a purple comforter, around the same shade of purple as Hirono's hair.

Before he could do anything, Hirono pushed Kazuhiko onto the bed. Kazuhiko sat up and wore a distressed expression on his face. Hirono grinned, walked over to the bed where he was sitting, leaned over, and whispered in his ear, "No need to be so worried, I know what I'm doing." Hirono then placed her lips on his, and pried them open with her tongue, forcing it into his mouth and rubbing her tongue against his. All the while Kazuhiko just sat there, stiff with his eyes wide open.

Of course Kazuhiko had made out with Sakura before, but with the unexpectedness of this kiss and the feeling of utter betrayal coursing through his blood, it paralyzed him. The make-out session continued for the next several minutes, and Kazuhiko was ashamed to find he had an erection from it. Hirono noticed it and smirked.

"I bet ya never got one of those with your lame-ass girlfriend," Hirono said in a superior tone. Kazuhiko was filled with anger at the comment, he was about to make some stupid and rash retort, when Hirono started stripping. His anger turned to shock as she took the leather jacket, shirt, and shorts off. She was now in only her underwear. Kazuhiko tried to look away, but then she commanded Kazuhiko to do the same. "The clothes. Off."

Kazuhiko hesitated, and then took off his jacket. Then his shirt, Kazuhiko doesn't have huge abs like Shogo or the more athletic people in class, but he had a fairly nice chest, apparently enough to get Hirono's affection. Something that Kazuhiko didn't want. Kazuhiko then took off his pants, leaving himself in only his underwear.

Hirono then climbed onto his bed. Kazuhiko knew this moment was coming, and he was dreading it for the past few weeks. She took off her bra and slid down her panties in a seductive manner. Kazuhiko couldn't look away. Her body was incredible. Though he would never admit to himself or Sakura or Hirono, somewhere deep in his mind, he knew that Hirono's body was much better than Sakura's. He was trying to look away from her, but he couldn't.

"You like what you see?" Kazuhiko tried to scream out "NO! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!" But he remained frozen. Hirono laughed and said, "Your silence says a thousand words. Now the underwear, off now." Kazuhiko stiffened even more, if that was possible. He was pretty much paralyzed with fear of the upcoming events. Hirono sighed, crawled up to Kazuhiko and took the underwear off herself.

They were both now completely naked. Hirono climbed on top of him. "Time to Begin, Kazzy," She whispered in his ear. Kazuhiko realized that Hirono considerd him her property, and she was right... He's just a sex toy for her now... The thoughts ended when she began. Kazuhiko didn't do anything except sit there and moan occasionaly, cursing himself every time he did. He was hating it, Mentally. He was physically enjoying this, though. He secretly thought that Hirono was better at it than Sakura... Of course she has more experience, but the thought felt absolutely wrong.

"You're mine now, Kazzy, and don't you forget it." She said when she was finally done. Kazuhiko looked at the clock and realized it had been four hours... He immediately put his clothes back on and scrambled out the door, tears streaming down his face. I'm.... hers now, not even really a person... Just something to be owned and used by her now... The thought depressed him.

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You're Mine - KazuRono fic
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