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Rules (PLEASE READ!) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (PLEASE READ!)   Rules (PLEASE READ!) EmptyTue Mar 13, 2012 9:24 am

General Forum Etiquette:
01. Treat others how you want to be treated.
02. Do not insult/disrespect the mods on or off this forum.
03. No text talk, and no replying in only emoticons.
04. Please remember to credit and label other peoples fan works.
05. No 18+ Content. I know it will be hard, but please restrain yourselves.
06. Do not post images bigger than 600 x 400 directly onto the forum. Posts with large images will be edited to be put under a spoiler.
07. Please don't go crazy with your signatures. No pictures bigger than 600 x 375. Be reasonable. Some people aren't on DSL or Cable connections. Massive pictures slows down their time to load a page. If you MUST have a picture in your signature over that limit, put it under a spoiler tag.
08. Do NOT carry on two people conversations in threads. If you want to have a conversation with another member, PM them.
09. Do not use Quote-seption (Quote within a quote) etc. Your posts WILL be edited.
10. No multi-posting. Double posting is okay every once in a while, but nothing more than that. Multi-posts will be edited/deleted.
11. No extreme character bashing. Showing a dislike is okay, but when you bash others for liking them, then you've gone too far.
12. See a troll? DON'T FEED IT! Report it by PM-ing a mod, but don't provoke it!
13. No Racial discussion! Instant ban for mentioning a certain word.

Regarding 18+ Material:
- All nude and/or hentai pictures
- All Heavy gore images
- All fan-fiction's tagged M and/or have sexually explicit content (aka lemon)
- Explicit doujinshi
- Sexual and/or hentai questions and discussion
- Links to any of the above (fan fiction is exempt from this rule)

ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE. The forum staff reserve the right to edit or delete any thread, post, or comment anything related or pertaining to the above.

If you want to discuss the above, take it to Tumblr/Twitter/Email. I wanted the Gore/Porn too, but the host won't allow it. I'll allow some talk about the deaths, but no detail and no images.
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