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 Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques

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Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Empty
PostSubject: Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques   Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 12:06 pm

--Opening Statement-

Hello, everyone.

Setsu, here. Don't know how many original characters are here, but I just decided to make a topic for it. I hope that this part of the forum would be good for profiles, discussions and all around constructive criticism.

Profiles are extremely useful things. They're also pretty fun to write. If you've chosen a "face" for your character, feel free to include these in your profiles, but please, resize them if they're too big. At first, I found this concept silly (and honestly, it's now overdone), but it's just so *fun*.
((Note: Whatever you do, don't make a character look like a celebrity/idol what have you. Imagine them in your head, choose someone who you feel represents them well, and go for it.))

There are different ways to create character profiles, I have discovered a new template, which can be found on PoeWar's 10 Days of Character Development (note: Character Bio Sheets).

This template is fantastic.

Use it. I've gotten four pages for a character profile for Setsuko in my Battle Royale Notebook.

I know that it's somewhat hard to make a really good OC for something that you love! It's not really helpful that Mary Sues and Gary Stus roam free, since readers get turned off by this and miss alot of good original characters. I know how it feels to be dismissed, and honestly, at my initial approach to a certain Kiriyama, I was dead nervous.

I've sort of taken it upon myself to break free of feeling nervous about this stuff. I'm glad that I finally have the confidence to post my character's profile on here.
Apologies for the coming double-post. I felt like this little opening statement was special, and warranted an opening speech, if you will.

Thank you.
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Posts : 259
Join date : 2012-08-04
Age : 27
Location : Maryland

Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Empty
PostSubject: Setsuko Narita, Version 0.4   Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 12:58 pm


Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Fronta10

Name: Setsuko Narita
Nicknames/Alias(es): Setsu
Birthdate: December fifth
Age: Sixteen
Residence: Okishima Island
Place of birth: Okishima Island, natural birth at home

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair color: Blackish brown
Hair length: At elbows in the beginning of GK, cuts it haphazardly to her chin before leaving with Kiriyama. Cut is really terrible and unequal.
Eye color: Dark brown
Handedness: Right

Jewelry: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
General appearance: "Cute", nose and philtrum are slightly long. Has rabbit teeth (teeth are rather big). Skin is somewhat smooth. Has rather thick legs, but not disproportional. Teased by some for being "Miss A-Cup". Skinny. Has a very strong-looking neck.

Relationship with family: Good terms. Only child, has only met her "distant" aunts and uncles once (they live on the mainland).
Key Family/Relatives: Closer to her mother than her father (since her father is rather busy on the small island police force), but Setsuko was much closer to her "gramma". ((Grandmother is an important, yet enigmatic figure throughout GK. Deceased)).

Relationship with friends: Can be both the pacifier and the instigator, if bad stuff goes down. Not afraid to call her closest friends out, even if it is hypocritical of her and she usually regrets her actions later on.
Key friends: Had a small group of friends that she knew since she was small. Very close, tight-knit group, frequently traveled to their homes across the island. (...Kiriyama?...)
Key Enemies: Rather antagonistic "clique" at school. (Kiriyama...?). Kitano and the army.

Educational history: Went to the school on the island since she was little (in a sense, the school is an academy). Knew most of the kids in her current class since she was little. The island school isn't that great.
Work history: Unemployed, although she used to accompany her grandmother to her job at the clinic (ref. nurse).

Skills: Rough, unrefined knowledge of nursing and sewing. Can cook decently but food is burned due to lack of attention.

Phobias/Fears: Known eisotrophobe (fear of mirrors), has only gotten worse over the years. Is afraid that she will see something else in the mirror. "Fear of oneself". (Not a phobia, but she fears being alone and dying alone, is not too fond of bats or dogs).

Bad habits/vices: Can be inattentive, tends to throw stuff around when she is angry (if there's nothing to release her rage on, she can resort to cutting her hair and even unintentional self harm). Her bluntness can be offensive, depending on the situation. While Setsuko is patient, her wrath is terrifying if she is pushed too far.

Quirks: Fidgets and draws on the ground when nervous, drags her feet, has a "thousand-mile-stare", very expressive and easily amused/entertained.

Best qualities: Observant, perceptive, patient, somewhat compassionate, quiet (although silence can get to her, causing her to talk needlessly), honest, rather mentally and emotionally mature for her age.
Worst qualities: Terrifying when angered, honesty can become offensive, holds grudges, is a procrastinator, criticizes self harshly, over-thinking nature.

Sexual Background: Straight. (Virginal until she has sexual encounters with Kazuo Kiriyama).
Kink(s): Odaxelagniac (loves to be bitten, to the point of bloodletting).

Food (Tsukemono), Clothes (Casual dresses, feminine things), Band (Blue Cheer), TV Show (Hatachi no Kekkon), Film (M), Book (Lovecraft)

Personal Goals: Get into a good college, eventually settle down and have children, go to Tokyo.
Professional Goals: Considered working at the clinic. If she was to live in the mainland later, be a maid for a richer family.
(AU Note: Becomes a prominent actress for horror B-movies after being released from the mental institution, is well-paid and well-loved by cult audiences across the cities.))

Morality/Ethics: Rather kind, offers help readily to those who have treated her well. Would avoid conflict, but would not be afraid to fight. "Iffy" about killing, but will resort to it if she must.

Style of speech: Stays quiet, avoids letting her emotions show, but strength and authority permeate through. Uses monosyllables when embarrassed.
Commonly used words/sounds: "Ungh...", "What?", "You're all a bunch of idiots!", "Death? I'm not afraid to die. Oh, there are times I've welcomed death...", "Hey, hey. Guess what. Birds!" (cue double flip off).
Lies/misinformation: Rarely lies, but is very manipulative when she needs to be. Very convincing.

Other important details/Miscellany: Feminine in dressing style, despises makeup (unless its theatrical), talks animatedly if the other person has high social energy.

Now, more pictures.

Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Shock110

Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Irrita10

Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques Jesusc10
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Original Characters - OOC Profiles, Discussions and Critiques
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