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 BR Tumblr Group Status

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PostSubject: BR Tumblr Group Status   BR Tumblr Group Status EmptySun Sep 30, 2012 7:05 am

MM and I aren't disbanding the group. It's sure as hell not in our authority to do so, we're not going to act like it is, and there's no reason for you to believe it is, either.

So we're not disbanding the group, we're quitting it. Because we're sick of the OOC drama. We're sick of everyone disagreeing with us, everyone flipping shit at us, everyone taking constructive criticism and feedback so badly and so damn personally, and overall being made into villains behind our backs or otherwise. Not to say literally everyone's at fault for any of this, but the point being we've had enough.

Considering the BR blog is OURS and the chat rooms are technically MINE, now that we've quit the group we've done with them what WE want to do with them; that is, dedicated the BR blog to all BR roleplay/ask blogs, and also opened the chat rooms to all BR roleplay/ask blogs.

There is NO reason multiples of any given character can't coexist. Plenty of other roleplays on Tumblr handle such a situation all the time without making a competition or a fuss out of it. There are two different Shinjis, two different Mitsukos, two different Shuyas, and each will be treated as a different person; it's not that difficult to understand, and it's really not that confusing.

If it's that big of a deal to you, you have all the freedom in the world to make your own chat room for whoever you want in it. Despite the affectionate titles of "Mama" and "Papa", we're not your damn parents. You don't have to rely on us to do everything; hell, you've made it clear you've never wanted to rely on us to do anything, considering frequent complaints of us taking some kind of leadership role. We've all learned by now that making a Chatzy isn't hard at all. Any of you could even make your own group blog if you still wanted one. Point is, MM and I leaving doesn't change anything, and if you want to maintain a "group" thing with whoever's interested, that's entirely up to you.

Otherwise, the change in the chat rooms shouldn't be a big deal. In fact, it's more of what you wanted than what you didn't want, because the fact MM and I aren't in a group anymore means no more accepting characters, no more roles to be filled, no more rules, and also thus no more "threat" of getting kicked out of the group. The chat rooms are a big open playground just like they used to be. "Tumblr canon" only applies to whoever wants to apply it, but includes all BR roleplay/ask blogs instead of a particular cluster of them.

Like I've said, if you don't like my chat rooms, you're free to make your own for whatever group you want to maintain. That doesn't mean you're not allowed in mine anymore, either. All BR roleplay/ask blogs are allowed in mine, with no regard to group affiliation, and whatever's turned into "Tumblr canon" from there is up to players on a case-by-case basis.

There. Now you can all talk about it here, discuss it collectively just as you so like to do - but it's not changing my decision and it's probably not changing MM's, either.

BR Tumblr Group Status KazuoSigFin
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BR Tumblr Group Status
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